I feel fortunate to be able to express myself through art and constantly feel the desire to paint.  Painting allows me to share my feelings about what I come in contact with in my life with those who view my art.   It is rewarding to hear that when people see natural beauty they think of my paintings.   I feel that through viewing what I've painted, they can see outside their own vision.  

My paintings express my inner response to the external world.  I paint what I feel, not necessarily what is in front of me.  I love working with color and am fascinated with the feeling a change of color can bring to a painting.    I begin my paintings based on life or a photo and soon the process of making choices of colors or placement of shapes take over.

I enjoy painting in oils, acrylics, watercolor and pastels and experimenting with pattern and color through collage.  Most of my work is done in the studio, but my mind's eye is always at work wherever I go .