Artist's Blog Carnival

| 18 August, 2013 15:03

Today I am participating in a blog carnival about a day in the life of an artist.   I'm happy to show you a little piece of a day in my life as an artist during this blog carnival.  It's an honor to be participating with all the other fine artists and hope you can also visit their blogs to see what they have been doing.

Since I'm an artist, I will show you in pictures how my time is spent during a typical day.  Here's my studio, where I head after breakfast and mailing any paintings from the previous day.  
 photo of studio
On this particular day I went through my photo file on my computer and chose a beach cottage picture that I took last summer in Pt. Pleasant, NJ.  
 photo beach cottages

Here's the progression of this painting, from loose block in with acrylic paints, to the details and color changes to fine tuning it.  Happily, the finished painting sold in a Daily Paintworks auction
block in 1
block in 2
block in 3
block in 4
block in 5
Here's a link to the other participating artists in this Day in the Life of an Artist carnival:

Sally Binard

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Cindy Williams

I'm glad you visited! Have fun checking out the other artists. A special thank you to Marla Laubisch for your coordinating this.

Re: Artist's Blog Carnival

Sharon | 19/08/2013, 21:03

love the painting you selected. So glad it sold! Congratulations!

Re: Artist's Blog Carnival

Charleen Martin | 19/08/2013, 18:37

Nice to see the progression of your painting Christine. Thank you for sharing

Great Day!

Marla | 19/08/2013, 06:55

I love that painting, Christine - I don't think I saw it on DPW, glad it sold.

Day in the Life

Johnna | 18/08/2013, 23:24

thanks, really enjoyed your entry - especially the progression photos!


Katherine | 18/08/2013, 22:52

It's very nice to see the progression of your artwork!