Streetscape Small Town

| 13 November, 2015 21:38

This is an 11x14 inch acrylic on Gessobord painting.Acrylic 11x14


Small daily painting

| 19 October, 2015 17:58

I painted this from life.  It is acrylic on 5x7 inch Bristol board heavy acid free paper with a margin of white around the edges for framing.

Acrylic on paper

Walking Brooklyn Bridge

| 15 October, 2015 20:52


I took the photo reference for this painting while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a gorgeous fall day.  The painting is acrylic on 18x24 inch x 1 inch stretched canvas.


Aoshima Shrine, Japan

| 14 October, 2015 19:06

This is an 8x10 inch oil on Gessobord painting of a shrine in Miyazaki, Japan.  I took the photo as people were leaving the shrine on a chilly January late afternoon.

Figurative Painting

| 13 October, 2015 20:14

Oil on 5x7 inch Gessobord, from a photo I took at Penn Station, NY. In reality everyone had black clothing!  

5x7 oil


Figurative Abstract

| 05 October, 2015 18:00

This 12x12 inch acrylic is painted on Gessobord from life.


Acrylic on 12 inch square Gessobord

Figurative landscape

| 29 September, 2015 18:01

For a Daily painter's challenge I painted this young girl in shadows.  The challenge was to paint an irregular shadow.  The dappled light was interesting to me, as was the shadow the hat cast on her face.



| 20 September, 2015 22:29

Acrylic on 6x8 inch Gessobord

Acrylic on Gessobord



| 18 September, 2015 19:40

I painted this seascape on 8x10 inch wood panel covered with double primed Belgium linen.   It was painted with oil paint applied with palette knives. The photo is from Paint My Photo--thank you, Caz Theologo, for the use of your photo!


8x10 oil on linen

Still Life with Nasturtiums

| 13 September, 2015 22:10

This is an acrylic on approximately 6x8 inch acid free paper.  I used an old photo as a loose reference.  


| 11 September, 2015 21:14

This is a little 5x7 acrylic painting on Gessobord.  It is from a photo of a street by the beach in  New Jersey. 

Figurative Seascape

| 20 August, 2015 17:57

This is an 8x10 oil on Gessobord beach scene that I painted from a photo I took at a beach in Toronto.  It was a hot summer day and I wish I knew what this group was discussing!

8x10 oil on Gessobord


| 18 August, 2015 22:48

5x7 acrylic

Sketch Mesa Laundomat

| 22 July, 2015 19:12


| 22 July, 2015 19:02

These two sketches were done a couple years ago and I just came across them.  One was at the Mesa laundromat in Santa Barbara, and the other at Pt. Pleasant, NJ.  The sketches were done with a fine point marker and are about 2 inches square.